Tiananmen Square

Young Pioneers
Young Pioneers

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The "Young Pioneers of Communism" are a prepubescent organization for what the Party deems to be the "revolutionary successors to the Communist enterprise." In the past, only children with the correct class background were eligible to join this elite group, one renamed the "Little Red Guards" during the Cultural Revolution. In these days of political laxity, most children are inducted into the ranks of the Young Pioneers, wear the red scarves that indicate membership and participate in its activities which are a mixture of the Scouts and the former-Soviet Komsomol.

After the Beijing Massacre, thousands of Young Pioneers were organized in Tiananmen as a gesture that China's revolutionary young had symbolically taken back the Square from the student demonstrators of 1989. Among other things the youngsters chanted their central credo, called simply "the three loves," that is, "to love the Motherland, love the Party and love the Communist Party."

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