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The Long Bow Group has gathered a broad range of audio/visual materials from China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. In addition to interviews and footage filmed in China, we have collected a wide variety of media related to Chinese history, culture, and politics, including Chinese-made television programs, home videos of public events, audio recordings, posters, artwork, and music.

The Long Bow Group is currently developing a digital archive of its documentary material. When completed, this archive will be one of the most comprehensive collections of visual materials relating to 20th-century China. It will contain over 300 hours of video footage, hundreds of hours of music, as well as thousands of posters and still photographs. A database will enable quick searches for and retrieval of these media. The archive will be globally accessible over the Internet, and will provide users with an innovative multimedia tool for the study of Chinese history and society.

The Media Library contains samples from the archive, including video and audio clips, stills and posters.