One Village in China

Small Happiness
(color, 58 min., 1984)
Women of Long Bow village talk about marriage,
birth control, work, and daily life.

All Under Heaven
(color, 58 min., 1985)
Change and continuity in Long Bow village,
from the 1940s to the 1980s.

To Taste a Hundred Herbs
(color, 58 min., 1986)
Portrait of a traditional Chinese doctor whose Catholic faith shapes
his values and gives him a special role in his community.

First Moon: Celebration of a Chinese New Year
(color, 37 min., 1987)
Colorful, earthy, joyous celebration effectively
draws us into the inner circle of Chinese village life.

One Village in China:
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First Moon:
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Read an extended discussion about the Long Bow trilogy in " One Village in China: A Review Symposium,"
Oral History Review Vol. 15, No. 2 (Fall, 1987), pp. 115-135.

Also available from the Long Bow Group:

Stilt Dancers of Long Bow Village
(color, 27 min., 1980)
Stilt dancing, a traditional form of folk culture, revived in Long Bow village as
"a combination political rally, commedia dell'arte, and steeplechase."

The Gate of Heavenly Peace

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